Andrew's ability to capture authentic moments and emotions resulted in stunning, high-quality images that we will cherish forever. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a professional, creative, and dedicated wedding photographer who truly understands how to preserve the magic of your wedding day.

Jennifer + Ryan

His expertise in capturing the venue's unique charm, coupled with his knack for encapsulating genuine emotions, resulted in breathtaking photographs that we'll treasure for a lifetime. If you're planning a wedding at Scottsdale Valley Ho, we highly recommend Andrew for their exceptional professionalism and creative vision.

Kim + Cindy

Hiring Andrew for our intimate backyard wedding was a decision we'll never regret. Their ability to capture the warmth and personal touches of our home venue, while beautifully documenting our emotions, resulted in truly unforgettable images. For anyone planning a backyard wedding, we wholeheartedly recommend Andrew for their exceptional skill, creativity, and understanding of the unique charm of home weddings.

Lorraine + Riccardo

Andrew not only captured amazing moments as a surprise from my friends for my bachelorette, he also hiked up to Devils Bridge so we could capture these memories for ever! He knows what he is doing he is fast and is open to creative ideas while also helping you figure out a fresh pose if your not so comfortable in front of the camera especially in 109 degree heat!


His keen eye for detail and ability to encapsulate the energy and professionalism of our event was second to none. From the networking moments, keynote speeches, to the candid laughter and applause, every crucial moment was beautifully captured, providing us with a visual narrative that perfectly encapsulates our event's success.
Andrew's expertise in corporate event photography was evident in their approach - they were unobtrusive, blending seamlessly into the background, yet always present.


What Clients are saying

Client Words

It is more crucial than ever to secure the right photographer for your wedding, engagement, maternity, newborn, or family photography. As a Photographer in Scottsdale, Arizona, each session I conduct is distinctively different from the last.

Opting for a photographer with specialized experience in each category is vital. Fortunately, Digital Perception has been capturing memories for wonderful couples and families for over seven years, bringing a wealth of expertise. Imagine having the ideal photographer who caters to all your needs, is thoughtful, ensures a delightful experience, and consequently delivers the finest photos for your event.

Wouldn't you want to rely on such a professional for all of life's significant moments? Many of my brides often return for their maternity session, newborn session, and eventually, their family photos. With the plethora of photographers available today, finding one you can trust and genuinely enjoy spending time with has become increasingly challenging.

The photography journey should be a pleasure. Not only does a relaxed individual yield the best photographic outcomes, but it also ensures a smooth and enjoyable process. After all, these are moments to be treasured!

I build lasting relationships with my clients, and every moment, from your engagement session to your family portraits, becomes as dear to me as it is to you.

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Photographer in Scottsdale Arizona