I came to Scottsdale, AZ from New York.  I started off in photography about 15 years ago.  For years just shooting landscapes and city shots.  Outside of Photography, I spend my time playing in my 90s/00's cover band Lost Frequency, and working on my video side as well with my amazing editor Hunter, via our company AH Film Studio.

I am an Arizona Photographer, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I capture people's emotions and those pivotal moments that deserve to be cherished.

Photography has become part of my lifestyle. The incredible clients I meet along the way make every ounce of effort I invest in my craft worthwhile. I am truly fortunate to do what I love. I try to ensure that every individual I've collaborated with over the years holds a life long friendship where they can reach out at any time to ask a question or just chat.

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My focus is on capturing the authentic essence of your special day. I strive to preserve the raw, unscripted emotions and those spontaneous, deeply heartfelt moments that truly reflect your unique celebration of love.

On your wedding day, I am dedicated to using light in the most flattering and beautiful way possible, ensuring that each moment is captured in the perfect ambiance to highlight your special memories.

Let's explore unique and intriguing angles that truly encapsulate the essence and emotion of each moment, crafting images that are as memorable and distinctive as your celebration itself.

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If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to hear from you! Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Italy, with its rich history and diverse landscapes, was a photographer's dream come true for me. The architectural grandeur of Rome, the vibrant colors of Cinque Terre, and the timeless beauty of Venice offered a plethora of opportunities for capturing compelling images. This photographic journey through Italy not only enriched my portfolio with captivating shots but also deepened my appreciation for the art of photography and the country's cultural heritage.


Going to the cinema is an immersive experience that I absolutely love. The thrill of watching a story unfold on the big screen, coupled with the superior audio-visual quality and the shared excitement of a like-minded audience, elevates movie-watching to a whole new level. This passion for the cinema not only provides me with a unique form of entertainment but also fuels my appreciation for the art of filmmaking and storytelling.

The Cinema

As a photographer, my journey to Iceland was a visual feast, filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and unique lighting conditions that truly tested and honed my skills. The country's untouched beauty, from its dramatic glaciers to the mesmerizing Northern Lights, provided endless opportunities for capturing stunning images. This unforgettable experience in Iceland has enriched my portfolio and deepened my passion for photography, making it a must-visit destination for every photography enthusiast.


Being part of a 90s rock cover band is an exhilarating journey that allows me to relive my "golden" era of rock music. The thrill of recreating iconic tunes, from grunge anthems to alternative rock hits, and seeing the audience's response is an unmatched experience. This musical endeavor not only fuels my passion for 90s rock but also connects me with fellow enthusiasts, making it a rewarding and enriching journey.


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