June 13, 2024

6 Of The Top Scottsdale Wedding Venues

Planning a wedding is an exciting yet daunting task, and choosing the perfect venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. As a wedding photographer who has shot numerous weddings in Scottsdale, I’ve had the privilege of working at some truly breathtaking venues. Each of these locations offers something unique, from stunning desert landscapes to elegant ballrooms. In this article, I’ll share my top six picks for the most incredible Scottsdale wedding venues, highlighting what makes each one special and why they might be the perfect choice for your big day. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort or a charming garden setting, Scottsdale has a venue to suit every couple’s vision.

Table of Contents

  1. Clayton House
  2. Troon North Golf Club
  3. Desert Botanical Garden
  4. Silverleaf Club
  5. The McCormick Scottsdale
  6. Scottsdale Hangar One
  7. Conclusion

Why Choose a Scottsdale Wedding Venue

Scottsdale, Arizona, is a premier destination for weddings, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, luxurious amenities, and a vibrant cultural scene. One of the main reasons couples choose Scottsdale is for its stunning natural landscapes. The Sonoran Desert, with its iconic saguaro cacti, rugged mountains, and dramatic sunsets, provides a breathtaking backdrop for weddings. Additionally, Scottsdale boasts over 300 days of sunshine each year, making it an ideal location for outdoor weddings. The consistently pleasant weather means you can plan your special day with confidence, no matter the season.

Beyond its natural beauty, Scottsdale offers a diverse range of venue options and top-notch amenities. From luxurious resorts and golf clubs to charming gardens and unique venues like aviation hangars, there is a setting to match every wedding theme and style. The city is known for its high-quality wedding services, including experienced wedding planners, talented photographers, skilled florists, and exceptional catering. Furthermore, Scottsdale’s convenient location near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport makes it easy for out-of-town guests to attend. The city’s vibrant local scene, with its excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment options, ensures that your wedding weekend will be a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Top Scottsdale Wedding Venues

The Clayton House

The Clayton House is a modern and sophisticated wedding venue located in the heart of Scottsdale. Known for its sleek design and versatile spaces, it offers a perfect blend of contemporary elegance and rustic charm.

Venue Highlights

  • Modern Elegance: The Clayton House features clean lines, industrial chic decor, and beautiful lighting, creating a stylish and modern ambiance. Its unique design elements provide a stunning backdrop for any wedding theme.
  • Versatile Spaces: The venue offers several indoor and outdoor spaces, including the Great Room, the Porch, and the Courtyard. Each space can be customized to suit your vision, whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a grand reception.
  • Prime Location: Situated in Old Town Scottsdale, The Clayton House is conveniently located near hotels, restaurants, and entertainment, making it easy for guests to enjoy the local attractions.

Indoor wedding ceremony setup with an aisle flanked by tall white candles and floral arrangements, leading to an altar adorned with a floral arch under a wooden ceiling.

Photography Tips

  • Industrial Chic: Utilize the venue’s industrial elements, such as exposed brick walls, metal beams, and large windows, for unique and stylish photos. These features add a modern and edgy vibe to your wedding album.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Take advantage of the outdoor Courtyard and Porch for natural light and beautiful backgrounds. These areas are perfect for capturing candid moments and intimate portraits.
  • Night Shots: The Clayton House is beautifully lit at night, creating a magical atmosphere. Plan for some evening shots to capture the venue’s ambiance and the twinkling lights.

Visit Clayton House

Troon North Golf Club

Troon North Golf Club is an ideal Scottsdale wedding venue for couples looking for a desert oasis with panoramic views and top-notch amenities. This venue is known for its stunning desert landscape and elegant facilities.

Venue Highlights

  • Desert Beauty: Set in the Sonoran Desert, Troon North offers a unique and beautiful backdrop for your wedding. The desert landscape, with its cacti and rock formations, is perfect for a romantic and dramatic setting.
  • Versatile Event Spaces: From the outdoor ceremony site overlooking Pinnacle Peak to the elegant indoor reception hall, Troon North has versatile spaces to accommodate your wedding vision.
  • Golf Experience: For golf enthusiasts, Troon North provides a world-class golfing experience, making it a great choice for a wedding weekend filled with activities for your guests.

Outdoor wedding ceremony setup with a circular wooden arch and rows of chairs on either side of an aisle covered with white flower petals, set in a desert landscape.

Photography Tips

  • Desert Landscape: Use the natural desert landscape to create stunning, unique wedding photos. The combination of the desert flora and the dramatic rock formations offers endless photo opportunities.
  • Sunset Shots: Troon North’s desert location makes it perfect for sunset shots. The sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, providing a magical backdrop for your photos.
  • Golf Course: Incorporate the lush green of the golf course with the surrounding desert for a striking contrast in your wedding photos.

Reach out to Troon North for your wedding inquiry

Desert Botanical Garden

For couples who love nature and want a Scottsdale wedding venue that showcases the unique beauty of the desert, the Desert Botanical Garden is a perfect choice. This venue offers a tranquil setting amidst stunning desert flora.

Venue Highlights

  • Natural Beauty: The Desert Botanical Garden is home to a vast collection of desert plants, offering a lush and vibrant backdrop for your wedding. The garden’s unique landscape is perfect for a nature-inspired celebration.
  • Multiple Event Spaces: Choose from several beautiful event spaces within the garden, each with its own charm. The Steele Herb Garden and the Webster Auditorium are popular choices for both ceremonies and receptions.
  • Sustainable Weddings: The garden offers eco-friendly wedding packages, perfect for couples looking to minimize their environmental footprint.

Bride and groom smiling and embracing in front of a backdrop of large green cacti and desert plants.

Photography Tips

  • Floral Backdrops: Take advantage of the garden’s diverse plant life for your photos. The cacti, succulents, and flowering plants create beautiful and unique backdrops.
  • Golden Hour: The garden’s serene atmosphere is perfect for golden hour shots. The soft light filtering through the desert plants creates a magical ambiance.
  • Pathways and Arches: Use the garden’s winding pathways and charming arches for intimate and romantic shots of the couple.

Check out the unique views of the Desert Botanical Garden

Silverleaf Club

Nestled in the secluded canyons of the McDowell Mountains, the Silverleaf Club offers an unparalleled blend of elegance, luxury, and natural beauty. This exclusive venue is perfect for couples looking to host a sophisticated and intimate wedding.

Venue Highlights

  • Elegant Architecture: The Silverleaf Club features Mediterranean-style architecture with stunning stonework, wrought-iron details, and elegant courtyards. The club’s design exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.
  • Scenic Views: With panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and desert landscape, Silverleaf provides a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding. The natural beauty of the venue enhances the romantic atmosphere.
  • Private and Exclusive: As a private club, Silverleaf offers an exclusive and intimate setting for your wedding. The privacy of the venue ensures a tranquil and personalized experience for you and your guests.

Wedding ceremony with bridesmaids in gold sequin dresses and a flower girl in a white dress, standing in front of seated guests in an outdoor courtyard setting.

Photography Tips

  • Architectural Beauty: Utilize the venue’s stunning architecture in your photos. The stone arches, elegant courtyards, and intricate details provide a rich and sophisticated backdrop.
  • Mountain and Desert Views: Take advantage of the panoramic views of the McDowell Mountains and the surrounding desert. These scenic vistas are especially striking during sunset, offering a dramatic and romantic setting for portraits.
  • Courtyards and Gardens: The courtyards and gardens at Silverleaf are perfect for capturing intimate and candid moments. The lush greenery and beautiful landscaping create a serene and picturesque environment for wedding photos.

visit Silverleaf Club

The McCormick Scottsdale

The McCormick Scottsdale is a hidden gem that combines the charm of a lakeside setting with the beauty of the desert. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, this venue offers a unique and picturesque backdrop for your wedding day.

Venue Highlights

  • Lakeside Views: One of the few venues in Scottsdale with a lakeside setting, The McCormick Scottsdale offers serene and stunning views of Camelback Lake. The shimmering water and surrounding greenery create a tranquil and romantic atmosphere.
  • Versatile Event Spaces: The venue features multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, including the Lakeside Terrace, the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, and the Vista Verde Pavilion. Each space can be customized to fit your wedding style and guest count.
  • Convenient Location: Situated close to downtown Scottsdale, The McCormick provides easy access for your guests to enjoy nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The venue also offers comfortable accommodations for out-of-town guests.

Bride and groom dancing and embracing on a green lawn with a serene lake and colorful sunset sky in the background.

Photography Tips

  • Lakeside Shots: The lakeside setting is perfect for capturing romantic and serene wedding photos. Utilize the reflective surface of the lake to create beautiful and unique images.
  • Golden Hour: Plan your photography session around golden hour to take advantage of the soft, warm light that enhances the natural beauty of the venue. The lakeside and desert landscape look especially magical during this time.
  • Golf Course and Greenery: Incorporate the lush greenery and open spaces of the McCormick Ranch Golf Club into your photos. The expansive views and manicured lawns provide a beautiful contrast to the desert scenery.
  • Sunset Views: Capture the stunning Arizona sunset with Camelback Mountain in the background. The vibrant colors of the sky and the silhouette of the mountain create a dramatic and picturesque setting for your wedding portraits.

The McCormick Scottsdale

Scottsdale Hangar One

For couples seeking a truly unique and memorable wedding venue, Scottsdale Hangar One offers an extraordinary setting. This private aviation hangar is transformed into a glamorous event space, combining modern luxury with aviation-themed elegance. Scottsdale Hangar one is definitely the most unique Scottsdale wedding venue on my list.

Venue Highlights

  • Unique Setting: Scottsdale Hangar One is unlike any other venue, offering a spacious and stylish environment within an actual aviation hangar. The sleek, modern design and aviation elements create a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your wedding.
  • Customizable Space: The expansive interior of the hangar can be customized to suit your wedding vision. From chic cocktail receptions to grand banquets, the versatile space allows for creative and personalized setups.
  • Exclusive and Private: As a private venue, Scottsdale Hangar One provides an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. The seclusion and uniqueness of the hangar ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Unique wedding ceremony setup on an airport tarmac with white chairs and floral decorations, flanked by private jets and a flower-covered "T" backdrop.

Photography Tips

  • Aviation Elements: Incorporate the aviation-themed decor and elements into your photos. The aircraft, hangar doors, and modern design features add a distinctive and stylish touch to your wedding album.
  • Wide Open Spaces: Utilize the wide open spaces of the hangar for dramatic and dynamic shots. The high ceilings and expansive floor area provide plenty of room for creative compositions and group photos.
  • Nighttime Ambiance: Scottsdale Hangar One is beautifully lit at night, creating a glamorous and enchanting atmosphere. Plan for some evening shots to capture the venue’s stunning lighting and unique ambiance.
  • Outdoor Area: The exterior spaces around the hangar can also be used for photos, offering views of the surrounding desert and airport. These areas provide a contrasting backdrop to the sleek interior of the hangar.

Check out the unique one of a kind Scottsdale Hangar One


Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a crucial step in creating the wedding of your dreams. Scottsdale offers a diverse range of stunning locations, each with its own unique charm and beauty. From the modern elegance of The Clayton House to the breathtaking desert landscapes of Troon North Golf Club, and from the serene botanical beauty of the Desert Botanical Garden to the exclusive luxury of the Silverleaf Club, there is something for every couple in this vibrant city.

The McCormick Scottsdale offers a rare lakeside setting that combines desert beauty with tranquil water views, while Scottsdale Hangar One provides a truly unique and customizable space for those seeking a memorable and extraordinary venue. Each of these venues not only provides a beautiful setting but also ensures a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless special moments at these incredible venues. My advice is to consider what setting best reflects your style and vision. Whether you envision a grand celebration in a luxurious ballroom or an intimate ceremony surrounded by nature, Scottsdale has a venue that will make your wedding day perfect.

Remember to visit each venue, speak with the coordinators, and imagine how your big day will unfold in each space. Think about the logistics, guest accommodations, and how the venue’s unique features will enhance your wedding photos. With careful planning and the right venue, your Scottsdale wedding will be a day to remember.

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