October 11, 2023

Scottsdale: The Perfect Setting for Newlyweds and Wedding Photography

Scottsdale ranks 4th as newlyweds’ dream destination

After an enchanting wedding, where the vows resonate throughout the chosen venue, the heartfelt toasts are raised, and the wedding cake is relished, w

hat’s the next step for the newlyweds? Beyond the magic of their wedding day, every couple dreams of a perfect home to start their new life.

Scottsdale Wedding Photographer Portfolio - Memorable Moments

Where are these couples, fresh from their weddings, choosing to embark on this new journey? The answer is right where they started: Scottsdale!

A recent deep dive into data from cities boasting populations over 200K has revealed some intriguing insights for couples. This analysis was aimed at guiding those fresh from their Scottsdale weddings in finding the best location for their dream home. The evaluation took into account 15 varied factors, each highlighting a city’s capacity to support and nurture newlyweds. These encompassed economic stability, housing availability and affordability, the vibrancy of social circles, and the richness of community amenities.

Scottsdale emerged as a top contender

Of all the cities studied, Scottsdale emerged as a top contender, ranking within the top 5. It’s not just a preferred destination for weddings, but also a haven for newlyweds. The city boasts a high percentage of married residents, a thriving job market, an abundance of entertainment options, and a plethora of outdoor activities, making it the ideal place for couples to transition from their wedding celebrations to marital bliss.

Here’s a snapshot of what Scottsdale offers:

  • A remarkable housing inventory, standing as the nation’s second-largest per capita.
  • Cost-effective living with average utility bills around $185 and competitive gas rates.
  • A thriving job market for millennials, reflected in their impressive average household income.
  • A rich tapestry of leisure and entertainment options, from venues to a bustling dining scene.
  • An abundance of outdoor activities, including natural trails and pools.

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