August 17, 2023

Destination Wedding Locations for Different Types of Travelers

Iceland Destination Wedding on black sand beach Vik

A wedding is not just a union of two souls; it is a cause for celebration, a milestone that gathers family and friends in joyous commemoration. In this modern age, more couples are opting for a destination wedding, a magical affair that combines travel, love, and photography into one unforgettable experience.

Classic Elegance: Old World Destinations


A realm of regal charm and timeless vistas, England is a prime pick for couples enchanted by classic elegance. Selecting a photographer here likely includes a thorough conversation about wedding photography styles, given the diverse English venues—from historic castles to sleek cityscapes. Whether it’s a lavish London affair or a charming Cotswolds countryside ceremony, England provides a rich array of scenic settings, imbued with tradition and sophistication.


A photographer’s paradise with its rugged coastlines and verdant rolling hills, Ireland promises enchanting, invaluable photos. From the mystical Cliffs of Moher to the storied castles scattered across the land, Ireland is steeped in romance and legend. It’s crucial to secure photography permits, especially in more remote areas, but the effort is a small price for a wedding framed by such a stunning backdrop.

Adventurous Romance: Futuristic Destinations


This land of fire and ice sets a dramatic stage for any wedding. Here, travel and adventure are integral to your celebration, and social media will buzz with your awe-inspiring wedding photos, featuring Northern Lights, geysers, and expansive landscapes. Whether vows are exchanged beside a thundering waterfall or under the celestial dance of the Aurora Borealis, Iceland ensures your wedding photos are nothing short of spectacular.


Envision pledging your love under the midnight sun or the Northern Lights. Norway is a haven for nature lovers and those seeking unique wedding photography that encapsulates this Scandinavian jewel. From the majestic western fjords to the rugged northern coasts, Norway provides a tranquil and deeply beautiful setting for a wedding, with pristine air and exceptional natural light that photographers dream of.

Vibrant and Warm: Latin Influenced Destinations


With its rich history and stunning beaches, Portugal is an exceptional destination wedding locale. The cost of a wedding photographer here is often quite reasonable, and the lively cities and coastal towns are brimming with photo opportunities. From Sintra’s fairy-tale allure to Lisbon’s vibrant streets and the Algarve’s tranquil beaches, Portugal’s diverse settings are perfect for your special day.


Spain delivers a fusion of cultural richness and striking visuals, from Barcelona’s historic streets to Costa del Sol’s sun-drenched coasts. Location scouting is essential, as each region boasts its unique charm. Whether you’re captivated by Seville’s grand cathedrals, Barcelona’s modernist landmarks, or Mallorca’s idyllic beaches, Spain ensures every wedding pulsates with passionate energy, captured vividly by your photographer.

Majestic Mediterranean


From Venice’s romantic canals to Tuscany’s rustic allure, Italy is a premier choice for destination weddings. Envision a beach ceremony along the Amalfi Coast or an urban celebration amidst Rome’s historic architecture. Hiring a photographer in Italy promises photos reminiscent of a Renaissance masterpiece, with Italy’s diverse landscapes offering endless stunning photo opportunities.


Known for its pristine waters and ancient ruins, Greece presents a unique blend of history and natural splendor. Whether it’s a beach wedding in iconic Santorini or a city ceremony in Athens, set against the majestic Acropolis, Greece is a picturesque canvas eagerly awaiting your photographer’s touch. Golden sunsets and vibrant local culture infuse every Greek wedding with a touch of magic.


Selecting a location for your destination wedding is both a practical decision and a reflection of your unique style. It’s about more than just the journey; it’s about crafting a singular experience that you and your guests will treasure for a lifetime. Remember, a breathtaking location is best complemented by a photographer whose style resonates with your vision and whose fees align with your budget.

“A destination wedding is a chapter in your love story; make it unforgettable with the perfect photographer.”

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